Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here are the final ideas for the name of the show:

Bicycle Built for Thesis

Rollin' With the Thesis Crew

I'm Ready to Party

Rollin' With Thesis '08

"I Thought of That While Riding My Bike" - Albert Einstein (As Main or Additional Text)

Ridin' Dirty: Thesis '08

Moving On

Cycles of Art

From what people have said it sounds like "Bicycle Built for Thesis" is the most popular idea, followed by Cycles of Art. If people have any other last minute ideas post 'em up! I think we should try to accomplish this whole naming task by Friday so that Lauren has enough time to add it in etc.

Also, when are people free for a Estabrook night and/or Dim Sum?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Show names, take two

Post some Wish You Were Thesis alternatives.

Ready? Go!

Here's my idea:
Thesis built for thirteen (it's like "bicycle built for two,"... get it?)

To get started, these are the general concepts that we can try to connect:
Tandem (and maybe the idea of working together, if that's not too cheesy)