Friday, February 29, 2008

Show themes, take one

A list of ideas culled from one session together. Please add additional ideas in seperate posts. Comment on these in the comment section. Simple!

-Now. Here. This.
-Stupid Dialogues.
-Wish You Were Thesis (the cards would look like silly vintage post cards with us in ridiculous places)
- Seasons Thesis or Senior Greetings (Tacky Christmas Cards)
- Irresistable Impulse
- The Seven Deadly Theses (where we, alone or in teams, showcase the seven deadly sins. Dibs on gluttony)
- "A Night To Remember" (Prom Themed Thesis announcements)
- Ye Olde Thesis/King Richard's Thesis (Renaissance Fair themed postcards/announcements)
- Paint the Town Thesis
- Fucking Cade (because we were going to do this on facebook, but Cade doesn't have facebook. Also, because it could sound like an insult OR a desire. Hahahahaha. We're awkward).
- I can haz thesis? LOLZ! ( themed postcards/releases)
- Thesis Bit Me (taken from the "charlie bit me" video, but could be monster, teeth, etc inspired)
-Will Work for Thesis (this is potentially offensive, which is why I like it).

Various other ideas/names included (Just for Fun)....
-40 Photographers (or some other name entirely not related to our show, that says something that the show is not.)
-99 Red Balloons (see above)
- Wiki THIS
-Bicycle Ride Across Georgia
-Order of Christ
-Pope Ron Paul
-eXtreme thesis!!
-and something involving taking pictures of all our bodies, with no heads.

Have at it, Senior Thesis!


jenn said...
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jenn said...

I like 1.graduphobia 2.Stupid Dialogues 3.fucking cade 4. pope ron paul 5. Paint the town thesis as long as it doesnt offend the non-painters. LOLZ.

jenn said...

graduphobia is my top choice because any of our work can relate to my we are scared/dont wanna graduate.

PeterWise said...

I think if we want to keep the idea of graduation in the title, my suggestion would be something like:

Depart Art
or Depart Art Show
or depART art
or depART Show
...something like that

jenn said...

pete that's a good idea. I back Pete's idea.

Mike Seidman said...

obviously i favor the ones that make no sense:

1.Season's Thesis
2.King Richard's Thesis
3.Wish You Were Thesis
4."A Night To Remember"
5.I can haz thesis?
6.Bicycle Ride Across Georgia

love, mike

Seah said...

I like the tacky ones:

Wish You Were Thesis
Seasons Thesis or Senior Greetings
A Night To Remember

and also:
Stupid Dialogues
X-treme Thesis!!!!! (because anything with too many exclamation points and that spells extreme with a big X is automatically funny to me)

Jesaca Soubi Lin and Danny Turgeon said...

I Love Wish You Were Thesis! It'll give me an opportunity to find and wear a fanny pack.