Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Show names, take two

Post some Wish You Were Thesis alternatives.

Ready? Go!

Here's my idea:
Thesis built for thirteen (it's like "bicycle built for two,"... get it?)

To get started, these are the general concepts that we can try to connect:
Tandem (and maybe the idea of working together, if that's not too cheesy)


Mike Seidman said...

As far as names go... out of the options on the table now, i would go for "A Bicycle Built for Thesis" because it's simple and kinda silly and doesnt come loaded with a lot of baggage.

I don't like:
"Moving on" (and related names)
it's that whole "ALAS! we are graduating thing"

I really don't like:
"Cycles of art"
Seems to suggest some double-meaning about cycles that doesnt really exist

Mike Seidman said...

oh yeah! and there's always "Bicycle Ride Across Georgia!"

see michael's post below.