Thursday, October 11, 2007

Amy Cutler

Army of Me, 2003

Passage, 2005

Amy Cutler is an artist who works primarily in gouache. She paints images of women in odd, surreal situations. Although they are paintings, and on a large scale, her work has an illustration aesthetic, especially due to her linear style. The paintings are interesting because although they are easily readable for content, they are less easy to read for meaning. It's easy to see that she's painting several women riding on an elephant, but less easy to tell what she intends to say. Rather than a direct message behind her works, they seem to lave looser ties in the idea of whimsy and narrative.

Cutler's work appeals to me because of the crisp feel that her style conveys, and her use of white negative space. Somehow she manages to create a sense of there being more going on in the space than we can see, although it doesn't feel that there is an obstruction or something missing in our view.

I think that her work most relates to Masha D'Yans, because of the illustration aspect.

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Mike Seidman said...

these are SO great. i love when art is so very well articulated, yet intentionally dwells on uninterpretable/puzzling/absurd content. kinda the opposite of how i'm going about the whole thing. While i am cramming as much content into as little detail as possible, she is maybe sucking as much content out of very well articulated images as possible