Saturday, October 27, 2007

Andrew Emond (Cade's Post)

Andrew Emond is a photographer from Canada who maintains a blog detailing his photographic finds while exploring urban and industrial desolation. He has everything from the interiors of the offices of abandoned mines to empty sewer channels deep under the ground. It seems that his wanderings are endless and varied, and he is mainly interested in the lack of human presence but also the human footprint, which is something that draws me to urban night photography as well. His photographs are interesting to think about in the context of modern society, for many of them deal with things like asbestos mines. He explores so thoroughly that in many of his photographs he provides some of the history he has discovered about a place. For instance, sometimes there will be photos of binders on empty desks, and they will only say "1995" on them. I find his work very interesting because his photos speak to his awareness of his own presence in a location (he occasionally puts himself in the shot also), and also his interest in the fact that in some of these places, the people just got up and left one day and never came back.

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