Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marc Abrahms

I discovered photographer Marc Abrahms after my family received his book Watercolors from him. Recently, I have been looking at his other series of prints online. There is no underlying meaning or message in his photographs. Instead, I believe that Abrahms tries to capture images that are aesthetically pleasing. I think that he is very successful at documenting beautiful moments around the world. I am intrigued by his work because of the vivid colors that he catches in his photographs. His series on vegetables and fruit is one of my favorites because of the intense colors found in the food and his ability to illustrate the texture of the vegetables. Additionally I am interested in his grappa bottle photographs because reflections of the surrounding area are found on the bottles.

Abrahms work relates the most to Andy Goldsworthy piece since both artists focus on capturing impermanent objects. For example, in Abrahms’ shot at the market place, the fruits will go bad, change color or get purchased just like leaves piece from Goldsworthy’s will change with time and weather. Both artists use strong colors in the works.

I also liked Phil Borges work. The concept that he is documenting in his photographs is extremely interesting and thought provoking. By placing the people of one generation next to their younger counterpart it helps communicate the lack of disconnect with one cultures that occurs over time in this era of globalization.

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