Thursday, October 25, 2007

dion archibald (jenn's pick)

t: traffic d: 2002 m: oil on board s: 60x90cm $: private collection

Dion Archibald is a young painter from Australia. His main focus is experimenting with materials and technique in order to portray his subject matter. He works in both figurative painting and Urban landscapes. This relates to my work because one of my favorite things to paint is urban landscapes. I like the way he uses thin layers of paint and overlaps them. I also like the way he has no outlines for some of his layers, like the mountains, and then has thick black lines going across the canvas in order to create depth in the picture. His color palette is also similar to mine for both the urban landscape, and the portrait. I appreciate shades of gray, and sometimes using a bold color in order to create contrast.
His expressionist way of painting, and creating his figures with a certain mood is similar to Peter's pick, Connor Harrington. Although Archibald's is more painterly, they both use layers in order to portray the form.

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