Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stephen Gill (Whitney's Pick)

This week I chose the photographer Stephen Gill. I originally chose him because of his series "Buried," (second image) which is a collection of images he shot, buried, and dug up. I find this concept very interesting because it introduces the element of time and a sense of unpredictability, of letting go of the finished product. Gill's other work is also very appealing - I enjoy his very straightforward documentary style and the color in his work, because it has an older, almost vintage feel.

Gill's series "Hackney Flowers" (first image) reminds of Andy Goldsworthy's work, because Gill used actual natural objects in addition to photographing them. While Goldsworthy uses natural objects as the building blocks of his work, Gill's use of natural objects is somewhat more literal - the flowers and plants he uses represent themselves in the images, while Goldsworthy uses the objects to build pieces that may not be directly related to the individual objects.

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