Thursday, September 27, 2007

Antony Micallef (Peter's Post)

Antony Micallef used to be a strict portrait painter but then moved towards incorporating contemporary expressionism. It was the expression in his art that attracted me as well as his subject matter. He deals mostly with pop imagery and consumerism. I like the unfinished quality of his work and the style of painting. The splatters, smudging, and loose brushwork really helps to create a lot of movement and emotion in the work; something I am attempting to portray in my own work.

I think Micallef's work can be compared with some of David Perry's work. They both have an expressionistic style of painting in their loose brushwork and unfinished qualities.

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Whitney said...

I actually really like Micallef's more colorful work...They are stylistically similar to his black and white work but I prefer them because they are less ominous and more surreal and celebratory of nature.