Saturday, September 29, 2007

Andy Goldsworthy (Michael's Pick)

When I think about the role of the artist in after the "death of art as image" world, I can't help but think of Andy Goldsworthy. If you went to an exhibit of his work, you would not be seeing his artwork. You would see photographs of his work. Andy Goldsworthy's art is in the constructed objects that are left in nature. Photography becomes a tool by which he shares his artwork. It is about documenting the sculptures he creates in the natural world. The picture above is of a collage of leaves made on site. When he is done with the work, he leaves them where they were made. Sometimes they float down a river, sometimes they blow away, and sometimes they melt. Art for him is not about something that you hang in a museum when you're done. It is an action and an intent. The record of his artwork is what we have.

To me, this connects most closely with Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Rachel's pick. Both are recording the patterns and imagery that are available in the natural world. They are finding design and art in what is already available. This is a stretch though, because the intent and end products are so wildly different (constructed v. found, 'sculpture' v. photography, record of art v. recognition of art in the natural world).

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