Monday, September 17, 2007

Kip Fulbeck (Nicole's pick)

1. Kip Fulbeck has been working on what he calls “The Hapa Project”. Hapa is the Hawaiian word for half and was once used as a term that belittled people who were of Asian and Pacific Island culture mixed usually with Caucasian. Over the past few years the term has become less of an offensive slang term and those who are hapa have embraced it as their own. Through his project, Fulbeck explores the idea of growing up in a world in which globalization is happening a rapid pace. He finds people who are hapas and photographs them. He also asks them write down their answer to the question of “What are you?”. He then places their answers under their photographs. He has published the book Part Asian, 100% Hapa and is also currently exhibiting his work across the country.

Fulbeck's work appeals to me in that the project that I am working on is about self identity. Being a hapa myself, it is hard to always know where you fit in with today's society. His art work presents the idea that hapas are actually their own culture, mixing their own traditions to create new ones.

2. After looking through all of the artists posted I suppose that Fulbeck's work is kind of like Martha Rosler's work in that it deals with issues of today. We live in a world where many are obsessed with what others think. Fulbeck explores the race side while Rosler looks at the personal image side.

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Rachel Israel said...

I thought that Kip Fulbeck's Hapa project was interesting. I liked hearing the story of how the word Hapa and its association has changed over time. Furthermore, I like the fact that he adds the subject's response to What are you? I am interested to see other pieces of his work. I also wonder if his work would be as successful if he used a different colored backgrounds, multiple subjects or if there wasn't any written text in the photographs.