Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don Eddy (Rachel's pick)

1. While looking at other photo-realists online, I discovered Don Eddy. I am impressed with Eddy’s ability to accurately depict extremely complicated images. The images really do look like actual photographs. I am interested in his images because I want to focus on reflective surfaces this semester. After viewing his work I am interested in focusing glasswork later on in the semester. I was surprised to discover that, “Don Eddy's painting style and technique is unlike any other. A photo-realist, he works on paper with acrylic on canvas as well as in colored pencil. He first paints the entire canvas green, then brown, and then purple”. I am curious to try this technique sometime during the semester.

2. I think that Lauren E. Simonutti’s photographs are similar to Don Eddy’s paintings. Both artists rely on the highlights and shadows to assist the viewer in appreciating and seeing their art. However, clearly the artist's objectives are different.

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