Thursday, September 27, 2007

Laurie Simmons (Nicole's Post)

1. Laurie Simmons is a photographer who began photographing portraits but then moved to toys. She has worked in color but primarily works with black and white photographs. Simmons especially likes to photograph dolls in attempts to blur the line of what we the viewers perceive as being actual humans or just dolls. In her later works, she started using cowboys, ballerinas and other objects as well as ventriloquist dummies.

I am intrigued by her work due to the fact that my project is similar in idea to hers. I love the idea of dolls crossing the line between inanimate objects to life like creatures. I believe in her dolls floating in water series she was especially successful at making them appear to be real humans.

2. Laurie Simmons can somewhat relate to Erin Cone’s work. She is creating portraits yet “the figures remain tantalizing and unspecific”. I believe that we feel this same sensation with Simmons images. We are drawn to them because we are intrigued by the idea of dolls being human although they really are not. Also, both use lighting to create this intrigue and mood that we experience.

3. I really like Robert Parkeharrison (Michael’s Post). I find the process to be very interesting, paper negatives that are repeatedly exposed. The theme of the “everyman” is portrayed beautifully in the final pieces and let our minds wander as to how we interpret it.

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