Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mandy Lamb (Whitney's Post)

For my artist of the week this week I chose Mandy Lamb. Mandy shoots self-portraits in nature with a Polaroid camera and expired film. The expired film lends a dreamlike quality to Mandy's work, which I find very appealing, but what I find most interesting about her work is that she really if ever exposes her whole face to the camera; in every image some part of her face is obscured by some part of the environment she is in. In describing this work she says that perhaps she takes this photos for vanity's sake ("nature makes her prettier") or as a way of "trouncing the pollen" that kept her indoors as a child, but I'm curious as to why she obscures some part of herself in her images, and this question brings me back to her photos again and again.

Mandy's work has some similarities to Antony Micallef's work - they both incorporated nature into their work and have an expressionistic feel to their images. Micallef's images of flowers also have a hazy look and surreal colors similar to Mandy's Polaroids.

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